Florida Legislature

July 18, 2015

Flori-duh Politics: It’s about to get crazy in here

Over the next few months, political junkies and others those who follow such news will be seeing a lot of articles and editorials about the ongoing redistricting fight in Florida. This is a very brief summary of the situation so far. November, 2010: Florida voters approved two constitutional amendments designed […]
April 25, 2015

The Death of Sunshine?

Once upon a time, the Sunshine State lived up to its name, governmentally speaking. We had a governor who campaigned for constitutional amendments that established laws mandating financial disclosure, a code of ethics for public officials, public records and open meetings; and pushed and prodded the Legislature into passing meaningful […]
February 13, 2015

Open Primaries: A Cure for What Ails the Political System

Pop quiz: Which is worse: the SCOTUS decision on Citizens United or closed primaries? Most folks who understand the political process as a result of actual experience will be hard-pressed to choose, but I believe a strong case can be made for closed primaries. Why? Because those exclusionary elections, which […]
March 23, 2011

Florida Follies: Protecting Corporations Instead of Abused Children

Of all of the venal manifestations of reverse-Robin Hoodism emanating from national and state legislative bodies in this year of radical right-wing revenge at the expense of the middle class, the working poor, the helpless and the needy, none is more odious or less justifiable than Senate Bill 1500 in Florida. […]