About Donna Dupuy

“Because its purpose is to create a Customer, the business enterprise has two – and only these two – basic functions: marketing and innovation.” (Peter Drucker)

From her first days as an advertising copywriter through tenures as a legislative aide, magazine editor and political strategist, Donna Dupuy has hewn to the same North Star: an unwavering confidence in the virtue of ethical data.
Inspired by management thought-leaders like Peter Drucker and Ichak Adizes, she offers clients at the microbusiness level the kind of incisive analysis that usually is reserved for much larger organizations.
She understands that marketing is first and foremost a management function. And she approaches her work from that perspective.


SWOT Analysis
Identification of critical factors that affect viability and growth potential. General recommendations for responding to them. This time-tested method is used by organizations of all types and sizes to discern obstacles and advantages likely to impact the organization going forward, within the context of its unique market environment. Each analysis is fully customized and provides broad suggestions for changes or additions to the existing marketing program.
Strategic Plan
Detailed program based on measurable objectives and realistic timeframes. Includes budget and vendor recommendations. The essence of marketing distilled, this inductive process enables a forward-looking entrepreneur to develop a strategy based on specific, quantifiable goals and produces a comprehensive plan and budget ready for execution. Ideally, it complements the SWOT Analysis, and uses data and insights developed in that work.
Coordination of strategic plan. Support for selected elements. General consultation. Depending on the size, shape and content of the Strategic Plan, management services may consist of implementation of the full plan, including creative development, supervision of vendors and/or suppliers, and coordination of production and placements; support for only certain aspects of the plan; or ongoing advice and guidance.