3 Good Things T**** Has Done

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July 24, 2017
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August 4, 2017
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3 Good Things T**** Has Done


You know how they say even a broken clock is right twice a day?

That can also be true of narcissistic autocrats who fool enough people to get elected toDD-BNails office. And the flimflam artist currently in the White House is living proof. Here are three good things said megalomaniacal man-baby has managed to do (albeit unintentionally) so far:

Revitalization – of the Fourth Estate

As much as this wannabe-despot demeans news outlets which dare not praise him, he has ignited fresh, spirited competition among the ethical media, and awoken legions of Americans to the importance of the free press in a democracy. It is a joy to watch the New York Times, Washington Post, Reuters, etc. vie to be first among equals to publish what we all need and have a right to know: the truth.

Resuscitation – of the U.S. Congress

Even before the dramatic defeat of bills designed to deprive millions of Americans of healthcare, a number of Republicans elected to serve us in the U.S. House and Senate had begun to show signs that they remembered their responsibilities in that regard. The dam may not have broken yet, but there are not enough little Dutch boys on Earth to plug all the holes punched in our national fabric by the mis- and malfeasance of the present occupant of the Oval Office. Now that it has become clear that he is neither loved nor feared, more members of the GOP will stand up and put country above party.

Revolution – of The People

Millions of Americans who were happily unengaged in the political zeitgeist last year awoke on November 9th in shock and horror. Whether they had enabled the election of an aspiring tyrant to the presidency by voting for a candidate with no chance of winning or by not voting at all, they knew they had created a monster. And almost immediately, they rallied themselves and their neighbors to form a dozen different new groups, collectively known as “the Resistance.” Marching, texting, emailing and most importantly, supporting scores of progressive and moderate candidates, these people are determined to take their country back – to borrow a phrase. And in 2018 and 2020, they will.

Thanks, Donny.

Donna Dupuy
Donna Dupuy
Donna Dupuy is a marketing and PR consultant for professional practitioners, service providers, and progressive political entities.

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