Russiagate: Greed, Ignorance or Treason?

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January 16, 2017
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Russiagate: Greed, Ignorance or Treason?


Only three possible explanations exist for the pattern of inteDD-BNailsractions between Trump campaign operatives and assorted Russians which led to Russian intervention in the 2016 Presidential campaign.

All three alternatives are based on facts, and those facts include statements made before, during and after the campaign by Trump himself, his surrogates and his family, as well as abundant reporting hat describes the business practices of that same set of actors. Here’s an overview:

#1: GREED. This is totally plausible and highly likely. Across 40+ years in the real estate business, three generations of Trumps have displayed an extraordinary level of avarice combined with equivalent arrogance. They have been open to doing business with all manner of thugs and criminals, and they have engaged in or have been investigated for race-based housing discrimination, slumlord practices, financial chicanery and worker abuse.

#2: IGNORANCE. This is a one’s a little harder to believe, even though from Paul Ryan to Jack Kingston to Kellyanne Conway, apologist after mansplainer after spin-doctor has justified all kinds of inappropriate behavior, especially that of the candidate-cum-president, as just a matter of being “new” to politics. Or Washington. Or “the job.”  The appeals on that basis continue six months after Inauguration Day, as if the presidency of the United States of America is comparable to a part-time job at a fast-food restaurant or a summer internship at a local bank.

#3: TREASON.  No one wants to believe this, because it’s just too flat-out scary. But the enemy has received aid and comfort in various forms since the summer of 2015 from a cast of characters including (but not limited to) Mike Flynn, Carter Page, Roger Stone, Paul Manafort and the candidate-cum-president himself, who in Hamburg actually proposed giving Putin access to the very elections system he tried to penetrate.

So which is it? Blinded by greed, ignorant in the extreme or actively treasonous?

And will those investigating be allowed to find out?




Donna Dupuy
Donna Dupuy
Donna Dupuy is a marketing and PR consultant for professional practitioners, service providers, and progressive political entities.

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