Florida Follies: Protecting Corporations Instead of Abused Children

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October 16, 2010
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January 21, 2012

Of all of the venal manifestations of reverse-Robin Hoodism emanating from national and state legislative bodies in this year of radical right-wing revenge at the expense of the middle class, the working poor, the helpless and the needy, none is more odious or less justifiable than Senate Bill 1500 in Florida.

Written by lobbyists for an organization whose raison d’etre is to curtail lawsuits against corporations, it would severely restrict the liability (read: accountability) of private foster care agencies – regardless of their negligence.

The prime example of such agencies is the one responsible for placing a twin brother and sister with adoptive parents who now stand accused of murdering the girl and mutilating the boy. Both of the children suffered horrific beatings and chemical burns in the process of their abuse.

According to the Palm Beach Post: The agency that bungled the adoption is paying a powerful Tallahassee lobbyist $65,000 to push SB1500; its CEO, whose salary is $200,000, served on new Gov. Rick Scott’s health and human services transition team; and the agency gets $100 million annually in government funding. And by the way, they also had significant input in drafting SB1500.

The rationale for the bill: their insurance premiums are going up.

If SB1500 becomes law, it could mean that the cost of care for such children would have to be borne by taxpayers — or the children might not receive care at all.

Among people who care about such children, SB1500 is known as the “Barahona Relief Act.”

Google it: what you read will make you want to throw up.

Donna Dupuy
Donna Dupuy
Donna Dupuy is a marketing and PR consultant for professional practitioners, service providers, and progressive political entities.

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