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For small companies that can’t yet afford a fulltime marketing manager, but want to take their business to the next level, marketing consultants like Donna Dupuy fill a particular niche.

Ms. Dupuy’s forté is the development and implementation of strategic marketing plans based on specific, quantifiable, measurable objectives.

If that sounds more like management theory, that’s because it is. And the wellspring is no less an authority than the late Peter Drucker -- the man Tom Peters called “the creator and inventor of modern management.”

The lodestar of Ms. Dupuy’s practice is Drucker’s concept that marketing is (a) a function of management, and (b) one of its two most essential functions.

But she readily acknowledges that not every small business can embrace her philosophy: “It takes time and patience to build a strategic plan based on reliable data, and a lot of entrepreneurs would rather just jump in and start doing business.”

On the other hand, she suggests that operating without a marketing plan is one of the top two reasons that most small businesses fail.

Ms. Dupuy’s eclectic professional background encompasses politics, publishing and PR.
She has worked with clients in industries as diverse as legal services, land development, waste management and health care. So she knows the game from a lot of angles, and her clients profit by that knowledge.

They also save money because she works strictly for fees. And they’re guaranteed intelligence exclusivity because she never works with two clients in the same field…

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